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08.10.2003 23:54
Tabs (again...)

I can't find any poisonblack tabs on the net...I tried to tab by myself but with very poor results. :) can someone help me in some way? I think there is a big group of fans that would love to have them :)

09.10.2003 05:24
Re: Tabs (again...)

I d like them too...excelent guitar work on their debut..

14.10.2003 21:06
Re: Tabs (again...)

Hi Sephiroth,

I would also like them. But its having the time. I believe Ville tunes to C, so theres a start. It does sound like Ville uses some unusual chords in some songs. There is some really great guitar work on the album though.

By the way Sephiroth, are u on the TDF forum also?

14.10.2003 22:25
Re: Tabs (again...)

I'm not the same Sephiroth... :-)
I often frequent the TDF forum but just as guest, when registration became obligatory another one used this nickname..
I'm an electric guitar beginner, what do u mean with "tunes to C"? I've already read this kind of stuff, but never understood very well :-)

15.10.2003 11:55
Re: Tabs (again...)

Tunes to C....This basically means the low E is tuned to C instead and the rest of the strings are all tuned down a full step. Same fundamentals as "Drop D" tuning but obviously to C. Hope this helps.

But i think it will be awhile till we see any poisonblack tabs :(

19.10.2003 02:09
Re: Tabs (again...)

Yeah, the music is great, the guitar playing is super.
But i can´t fucking find out what the hell Ville is playing,
and that is realy realy fucking frustrating!
So, thats out of my system, Haha!

Ville... get your lazy ass of that seat, and make some fucking tabs!

I go to church now... and when i`m back i like to see a few tabs, OK?

Greetings from Holland

20.10.2003 00:18
Re: Tabs (again...)

I think Ville has no time for writing down the tabs...we only can hope for an help by some good guitarist in this forum!

20.10.2003 18:07
Re: Tabs (again...)

I doubt ville has got any time to do tabs.
There is definately something weird going on guitar wise on the album. I can play a few of the tracks, but some of the chords sound very different to normal metal. This might be some overdubbing perhaps? whatever it is, it sounds great and is very clever :)